FloraLife Hydrating, Preserving, and Nourishing Bundle

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The perfect bundle to ensure your flowers receive the hydration they need on arrival, the food they need to continue blooming, and the preservatives needed to ensure their beauty!


Floralife Quick Dip 100 Hydrating Solution (1 Gal)

Floralife Quick Dip 100 Instant Hydrating Treatment.  Ready to use, no mixing required.  This hydrating treatment improves the flow of liquids through the stems, reducing bent neck and droopy stems.


Floralife Crystal Clear Flower Food 300 (1 Gal)

Floralife Crystal Clear Flower Food 300, fresh flower formula when mixed (concentrate) with water will provide all the nutrients your flowers need in order to be healthy and more brilliant. It is perfect for all water qualities and is an excellent choice in clear glass vase arrangements.


Floralife Crowning Glory Solution (32oz)

Floralife Crowning Glory Solution keeps arrangements fresher, requires no mixing or diluting.  It is easy to use, holds in moisture which reduces water loss, keeping flowers more vibrant and fresher longer.  Often used in delicate traditional wedding flowers, safe to use on all types of flowers. 

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