11" White Designer Dish

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The Grandiose Base 11" Designer Floral Dish is crafted for creating luxurious, large-scale floral installations that demand attention. Its expansive surface and sturdy 1" lip offer the perfect canvas for grand centerpieces and elaborate designs. Available in an elegant palette of white, black, and clear, this dish is the cornerstone of premium floral arrangement presentation.

  • Dimensions: Offers an 11" diameter with a 1" lip to accommodate grand floral arrangements.
  • Material: Constructed from superior materials for lasting use and support of large displays.
  • Color Options: Choose from white, black, and clear to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your arrangements.

Designed for grandeur, this dish is the ideal choice for wedding planners, event coordinators, and florists who specialize in creating breathtaking displays that captivate and enchant.

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