12" Cherished Premade Bouquet - Red

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  • 12" Cherished Premade Bouquet - Red
  • 12" Cherished Premade Bouquet - Red
  • 12" Cherished Premade Bouquet - Red

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Introducing the "Cherished Embrace Bouquet" – a delightful ensemble of silk flowers, charming teddy bear, and elegant presentation, making it the perfect grab-and-go gift for any occasion. This meticulously crafted bouquet is designed to warm hearts and bring smiles, combining the timeless beauty of artificial flowers with the adorable appeal of a plush companion.

Key Features:

  • Delicate Silk Flowers: Features two beautifully crafted silk roses and one stem of complementary filler, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.
  • Elegant Korean Wrapping: Each bouquet is wrapped in stylish Korean wrapping paper, adding a touch of sophistication and modern flair.
  • Adorable Teddy Bear: Topping off the bouquet is a 3.5" teddy bear, positioned to greet and charm its recipient with its endearing presence.
  • Coordinated Ribbon Accent: A color-matching ribbon at the base of the bouquet ties the whole look together, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Clear Presentation Box: Comes in a 14" x 3" x 4" clear box that not only protects the bouquet but also beautifully displays it, making it an instant gift without the need for further wrapping.


  • Ready-to-Gift: The clear presentation box and complete design make this bouquet a convenient and appealing option for last-minute gifts or thoughtful gestures.
  • Versatile Occasions: Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, special achievements, or just because, this bouquet is versatile and sure to delight anyone on any occasion.
  • Long-Lasting: Unlike fresh flowers, this silk arrangement will keep its beauty over time, serving as a lasting reminder of the special moment it commemorates.
  • Personal Touch: The inclusion of the teddy bear adds a personal and warm touch, making it more than just a bouquet but a bundle of joy and comfort.

The "Cherished Embrace Bouquet" is not just a gift; it's a memorable experience wrapped in elegance and affection. It's perfect for expressing love, appreciation, or congratulations, providing a beautiful, lasting keepsake of special moments shared. Whether displayed at home or in the office, its charm and beauty will be a constant reminder of a special someone's thoughtfulness.

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