The Rise of Ramo Bouchon – Embracing Korean Wrapping Paper for Bouquets

The Rise of Ramo Bouchon – Embracing Korean Wrapping Paper for Bouquets

The world of floristry is ever-evolving, with innovative trends taking center stage, captivating floral enthusiasts and professionals alike. One such trend that has recently taken the floral world by storm is the use of floral wrapping paper, often referred to as Korean wrapping paper, in crafting the beautiful and exquisite 'Ramo Bouchon' bouquets.

Origin of the Trend:

Delving into its roots, the Ramo Bouchon bouquets trace their origin to South Korea. The name itself, ‘Ramo Bouchon’, is a beautiful fusion: 'Ramo' is Spanish for 'bouquet', and 'Bouchon' is derived from the Korean term 'Bojagi', which refers to the traditional Korean wrapping cloth. Over time, this trend has seamlessly integrated into global floral cultures, becoming a symbol of elegance, precision, and innovative design.

Why It's Trending:

The allure of the Ramo Bouchon lies in its harmonious blend of tradition with contemporary design. The Korean wrapping paper provides a unique texture and an array of vibrant colors, patterns, and styles. It allows for a sense of individuality, letting every florist add their personal touch to the bouquet.

Furthermore, the versatility of this wrapping paper is unmatched. Its durable nature ensures the bouquet's safety, while the varied designs mean it can cater to different occasions – from romantic gestures to congratulatory gifts.

How To Create a Ramo Bouchon:

  • Select the Right Paper: Choose a pattern or color that resonates with the sentiment of the bouquet or the preferences of the recipient. At LO Florist Supplies, you're spoiled for choice with over 100 styles of these exquisite papers.
  • Pick Your Blooms: Depending on the occasion, select flowers that match the vibe – romantic roses, calming lilies, cheerful sunflowers, etc.
  • Lay and Fold: Lay the paper flat and place the flowers diagonally across it. Begin wrapping from one corner, folding it over the stems, followed by the other corners, securing it tightly.
  • Secure the Bouquet: Use a ribbon or twine to tie around the base, ensuring the flowers are held snugly.
  • Final Touches: Trim any excess paper at the base and adjust the top for a frilled or tailored appearance, based on preference.

Why Choose LO Florist Supplies:

When it comes to embracing this trend, it's essential to have quality wrapping paper at your disposal. As a leading wholesaler, LO Florist Supplies is proud to offer more than 100 styles of these trendsetting papers at unbeatable wholesale pricing. Whether you're an individual enthusiast or a professional florist, our range ensures you have the perfect wrap for every occasion.

Embrace the world of Ramo Bouchon and let your floral creations speak volumes. With the right floral wrapping paper, not only are you presenting flowers, but you're also gifting a piece of art.

Sep 5th 2023 LO Florist Supplies

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