LL+ Premium Preserved Peony - Red - 6 Pack

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Rose Amor Preserved Roses are the biggest producers of preserved roses in the world. Located in Ecuador 2800 meters above sea level - Rose Amor is proud to grow the most beautiful roses available.

Grown in their own farms, Rose Amor proudly guarantees the quality of their products and size. 

  • Unique Peony Petal Formation
  • Gorgeous Deep Red Color
  • 100% Natural Flowers
  • 1-3 Year Lifespan
  • Guaranteed Minimum 2.5"+ Diameter
  • Guaranteed Minimum 2.1"+ Height
  • Package of 6 Roses

To extend their longevity, please keep roses away from moisture, and away from direct sunlight.

Pleas limit handling and touching of petals. Do not water. 



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