XL Premium Preserved Roses - Peach - 6 Pack

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Introducing Kiara Preserved Roses, globally renowned for their unparalleled beauty and longevity. As some of the best preserved roses in the world, these exquisite blooms are the epitome of timeless elegance, making them the perfect gift for any occasion.

Each Kiara Preserved Rose is meticulously hand-picked at the peak of its bloom, ensuring only the most vibrant and flawless roses make it into our collection. Using state-of-the-art preservation techniques, our expert artisans gently infuse these roses with a unique preservation solution that maintains their beauty and freshness for up to three years.

What sets Kiara Preserved Roses apart is not only their exceptional quality but also their breathtaking presentation. Encased in luxurious packaging, these roses make a stunning statement, whether displayed in a home, office, or at an event. Their captivating charm and enchanting fragrance evoke memories of love, passion, and heartfelt appreciation.

  • Stunning Perfect Peach Color
  • 100% Natural Flowers
  • 1-3 Year Lifespan
  • Guaranteed Minimum 2.5"+ Diameter
  • Guaranteed Minimum 2.1"+ Height
  • Package of 6 Roses

To extend their longevity, please keep roses away from moisture, and away from direct sunlight.

Pleas limit handling and touching of petals. Do not water. 



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