1.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs

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  • 1.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs
  • 1.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs
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Explore the art of floral arrangement with our new 1.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs, a versatile tool that seamlessly blends functionality and elegance. These compact florist frogs are expertly designed to support and enhance your creative floral designs.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Clear: Made from high-quality, transparent acrylic, these frogs maintain a low profile in your arrangements, allowing the natural beauty of your flowers to stand out.
  • Strong Suction Cups: Fitted with robust suction cups at the base, they provide excellent stability on wet surfaces, ideal for a variety of water-filled containers.
  • 1.75" Diameter: The smaller 1.75-inch diameter is perfect for more delicate or intricate floral designs, offering flexibility and precision for arranging various stem sizes.


  • Perfect for Delicate Arrangements: These ikebana frogs are ideal for intricate designs that require precise stem placement, such as in smaller vases or for minimalist arrangements.
  • Enhanced Stability on Wet Surfaces: Optimized for use on wet surfaces, the suction cups ensure your arrangement stays in place, allowing you to design with confidence.
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly: Durable and designed for repeated use, these frogs are an environmentally friendly choice for both professional florists and floral enthusiasts.

Our 1.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs are a must-have for those who appreciate the delicate balance of art and nature in floral design. Whether you’re creating a petite centerpiece or adding a floral touch to a small space, these frogs offer the perfect blend of size, stability, and subtlety.

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