2.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs

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  • 2.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs
  • 2.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs
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Elevate your floral artistry with our 2.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs, designed to bring precision and stability to your larger, more elaborate arrangements. These larger florist frogs are an essential tool for both professional florists and enthusiasts who seek to create eye-catching floral displays with ease.

Key Features:

  • Spacious Design: The 2.75-inch diameter provides ample space for holding a variety of stem sizes, perfect for bolder and larger arrangements.
  • Clear Acrylic Build: Crafted from durable, transparent acrylic, these frogs blend seamlessly into your arrangements, putting the focus on your beautiful floral designs.
  • Robust Suction Cups: Equipped with strong suction cups at the bottom, they ensure a firm hold on wet surfaces, making them ideal for use in water-filled vases and containers.


  • Ideal for Large Displays: These ikebana frogs are specifically designed for creating expansive and voluminous floral arrangements, offering the support needed for heavier or multiple stems.
  • Secure and Stable: The enhanced suction cup design provides peace of mind, keeping your arrangement stable and secure, even in larger containers.
  • Reusable and Versatile: Their durable construction makes them a sustainable choice for various occasions and settings, from formal events to casual home decor.

Our 2.75" Clear Acrylic Ikebana Florist Frogs are the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic discretion. They empower you to realize your creative vision, supporting your most ambitious floral designs with their size, stability, and clarity. Bring your floral creations to life with confidence and elegance.

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