7" Velvet Acrylic Floral Purse - Red

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  • 7" Velvet Acrylic Floral Purse - Red
  • 7" Velvet Acrylic Floral Purse - Red
  • 7" Velvet Acrylic Floral Purse - Red
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Introduce a touch of contemporary elegance to your floral arrangements with our Square Acrylic Purse featuring a Velvet Fabric Lid. This chic container combines modern materials with luxurious textures, creating a trendy yet timeless piece perfect for showcasing your most beautiful blooms.

Key Features:

  • Square Acrylic Base: The clear, sturdy acrylic base provides a modern and sleek look, allowing the colors of your floral arrangement to shine through.
  • Velvet Fabric Lid: A soft and luxurious velvet lid adds a touch of sophistication and texture, complementing the flowers it holds.
  • Boho Wood-Inspired Handle: The handle, mimicking trendy boho wood, offers a natural and earthy contrast to the acrylic and velvet, making it a standout feature.
  • Gold Hardware: Shiny gold hardware accents the purse, providing a classy and elegant finishing touch.


  • Compact Elegance: Measuring 6" wide, 6" tall, and 4" deep, this purse is perfectly sized for intimate arrangements and gifts.


  • Fashion-Forward Design: Inspired by the latest trends in both fashion and floristry, this purse is a stylish option for florists looking to offer something unique and chic.
  • Versatile Display: Ideal for various settings, from elegant event centerpieces to a stylish home decor piece.
  • Durable and Functional: While beautiful, this purse is also practical, made from materials designed to last and handle the weight of floral arrangements.
  • Unique Gift Idea: Not just for florists, this makes for a delightful and distinctive gift container, leaving a lasting impression.

Our Square Acrylic Purse with Velvet Lid and Boho Wood-Inspired Handle is a testament to style and functionality. Whether you're a professional florist seeking to add an innovative touch to your collection or simply looking for a unique way to present a gift, this purse is sure to captivate and charm. Elevate your floral displays and make a statement with this exquisite piece.

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