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Optimize your floral displays with our 8" Bamboo Pot Cover Baskets, exclusively designed for the discerning needs of professional florists and decorators. These premium baskets are crafted to accommodate an 8" pot, making them ideal for showcasing larger plants or floral arrangements with elegance and ease.

Key Features:

  • Professionally Sized: Engineered to perfectly house an 8" pot, these baskets ensure your floral arrangements are displayed securely and prominently.
  • Enhanced Dimensions: Each basket measures 10" across the top opening, with a height of 9.5" and a base diameter of 8", providing ample space for creative floral designs.
  • Durable Bamboo Construction: Made from high-quality bamboo, these baskets offer a natural look that complements any arrangement while supporting sustainability.
  • Integrated Plastic Liner: A sewn-in plastic liner provides essential protection against water damage, ensuring longevity and durability for both the basket and the florals it holds.

Benefits for Florists:

  • Versatile Display Options: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, these baskets allow florists to diversify their offerings, from sophisticated indoor plant arrangements to outdoor decorative accents.
  • Sustainable & Stylish: Embrace eco-friendly products without compromising on design. Bamboo provides a stylish, natural aesthetic that appeals to clients looking for sustainable decor options.
  • Wholesale Convenience: Sold in quantities that meet the high-volume demands of professional operations, ensuring you have consistent access to quality supplies for your projects and orders.
  • Ease of Use: The integrated liner not only saves time but also increases the versatility of the basket, accommodating a variety of arrangement types without additional prep work.

Our 8" Bamboo Pot Cover Baskets are a testament to quality and practicality, designed with the professional florist in mind. Whether creating lush, green plant displays or intricate floral arrangements, these baskets are an essential component of any florist's supply, offering durability, style, and sustainability. Elevate your floral business with these versatile and eco-friendly pot cover baskets, crafted to enhance the beauty of your arrangements and satisfy the expectations of your clients.

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