Chrysal Professional #3 Vase Solution - Powder

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Chrysal Clear Professional #3 Vase and Foam is a powder food suitable for all cut flower varieties in vase and floral arrangements. Chrysal Clear Professional 3 is a nutrient which keeps the flowers in peak condition. It ensures full flower development, an optimum vase life and will guarantee customer satisfaction. Ideal for use in vase and foam arrangements. Chrysal Clear Professional 3 promotes bud opening of immature flowers, e.g. carnations.

  • Keeps the flower in optimum condition
  • 10lb Powder Solution. 
  • Keeps flowers in optimum condition and improves flower opening.
  • Maintains true colors and reduces fading of flowers.
  • Prolongs vase life of flowers up to 60% versus water alone.
  • Mixes clearly and odorless in water.


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