Chrysal Leaf Shine Spray

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Chrysal Leaf Shine Aerosol – the ultimate solution for adding a lasting, natural gloss to your stunning floral arrangements while enhancing their freshness and hydration. Make your creations stand out and shine with this easy-to-use aerosol spray, perfect for wholesale use and bulk purchases.

Chrysal Leafshine Aerosol not only adds an instant, lasting sheen that can endure up to 4 weeks, but it also effectively removes water spots and calcium deposits. By providing a protective, glossy layer, this remarkable spray prevents dust from settling on your creations and reduces water evaporation by leaves, ultimately prolonging the life of your cut foliage. Give your designs the attention they deserve, and keep them looking their best for even longer! 

Key Features:

  • Long-lasting, natural gloss – Enhances your arrangements with a radiant shine that can last up to 4 weeks.
  • Dust and deposit removal – Eliminates water spots and calcium deposits, maintaining the pristine appearance of your designs.
  • Protective barrier – Creates a shiny layer that keeps dust at bay and reduces evaporation, extending the life of your cut foliage.
  • Effortless application – The easy-to-use spray dries quickly, providing instant results.
  • Generous size – With a 0.75L (25oz) can, you'll enjoy an extra long-lasting supply, perfect for wholesale purchases.

 Choose Chrysal Leaf Shine Aerosol for all your wholesale needs, and experience the difference it makes in the longevity and appearance of your beautiful floral creations. This exceptional product is an essential addition to any florist's toolkit, ensuring that your arrangements maintain their stunning, fresh, and glossy appearance for weeks to come. Make a lasting impression on your clients by incorporating Chrysal Leaf Shine Aerosol into your floral care routine, and watch as your designs continue to captivate and delight, time and time again.


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