Chrysal Classic Cut Flower Food

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Once a flower is cut, it loses its natural supply of nutrients from the mother plant. The Chrysal Classic Cut Flower Food fills this void, providing the essential nutrients to let your flowers bloom naturally, maintain their vibrant colors, and extend their vase life. Experience the difference with this expertly formulated flower food.

  • Essential Nutrition: Our Chrysal flower food provides all the necessary ingredients for the full development of buds and blooms. It's a blend of pH regulators, water absorption promoters, and nutrients that keep your flowers healthy and vibrant.
  • Increased Vase Life: With Chrysal flower food, enjoy up to 60% increased vase life compared to water alone. This means your beautiful arrangements will stay fresh for longer periods.
  • Preserve Flower Properties: Chrysal Classic Cut Flower Food helps to retain the flower's form, color, scent, and leaf color, so your bouquet keeps its beauty and fragrance for an extended period.
  • Packaging Options: Tailored to your needs, we offer various packaging sizes. Choose from 10, 100, 1000, or 2000 individual sachets. Each sachet is perfectly portioned for one vase of flowers.
  • For All Cut Flowers: All cut flowers will benefit from this nutrient-rich food. From roses to lilies, hydrangeas to carnations, give your flowers the care they deserve.
  • Bulk Savings: Whether you're a hobbyist florist or a professional floral shop, take advantage of our wholesale pricing for your bulk needs.

Nourish your floral arrangements with Chrysal Classic Cut Flower Food, and see the difference it makes to their longevity and vibrancy. Choose the package that suits your needs and enjoy fresh, beautiful flowers for longer!

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