Clauss 5.75" Wire Cutter - "Snapper"

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  • Clauss 5.75" Wire Cutter - "Snapper"
  • Clauss 5.75" Wire Cutter - "Snapper"

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The Clauss 5.75" "Snapper" Wire Cutters offer great performance at a compact size. The micro-sized jaws are constructed with premium quality steel that will hold their edge well despite their modest profile, making the Snapper a good asset to have in any toolbelt to handle cutting tasks that require the utmost precision. Featuring soft cushion grips on the handles as well, hand fatigue will be greatly reduced. This way, you can spend more time making the subtle adjustments and maneuvers often required when cutting small sections of wire. The round points also ensure surrounding wires are not damaged or interfered with during cutting operations, worst case they simply push them out of the way temporarily. All in all, the Snapper is an unassuming powerhouse in its own right, perfect for making the most precise cuts.

  • Micro-sized, premium quality steel jaws
  • Soft, cushion grips
  • Round points
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