Unleash Your Creativity with Design Master Spray Paints: COLORTOOL, Just for Flowers, and Premium Metals

Unleash Your Creativity with Design Master Spray Paints: COLORTOOL, Just for Flowers, and Premium Metals

In the realm of floral design and event planning, the difference between a good creation and a breathtaking masterpiece often comes down to the quality of your tools. At LO Florist Supplies, we believe in offering not only high-quality products but also the guidance and insights you need to use them effectively. Today, we’re diving into three of Design Master's renowned spray paint lines - COLORTOOL, Just for Flowers, and Premium Metals - available at unbeatable wholesale prices. We'll also spotlight some of our customers' favorite colors: COLORTOOL's Blue Marlin and Perfect Pink, Just for Flowers' Delphinium Blue, and Premium Metals' 24 Carat Gold.

Design Master COLORTOOL Spray Paints: Your Palette, Amplified

COLORTOOL Spray Paints are a versatile addition to your creative toolbox, offering a broad spectrum of hues that are ideal for subtle shading, vibrant accenting, and seamless color blending.

Featured Colors: Blue Marlin and Perfect Pink The Blue Marlin is a tranquil shade that brings the calmness of the ocean to any design, while Perfect Pink provides a soft, romantic touch that's ideal for weddings or baby showers.

How to Use: Shake the can well before and during use. Hold the can 12 to 15 inches away from the object, apply in light, even coats, and let it dry before handling. It's fast-drying, so you won't have to wait long!

Common Uses: COLORTOOL is excellent for both fresh and artificial flowers, decorative accessories, craft projects, and more. From adding a pop of color to a centerpiece to creating monochrome-themed decorations, the possibilities are endless.

Design Master Just for Flowers Spray Paints: Delicate Touch, Vivid Impact

Just for Flowers spray paints are game-changers for floral enthusiasts and professionals alike. Designed specifically for fresh flowers, these paints offer beautiful, translucent color that brings out the best in your blooms.

Featured Color: Delphinium Blue Delphinium Blue is a beautiful shade that mirrors the serenity of a clear blue sky. It's perfect for adding a touch of cool, refreshing color to any floral arrangement.

How to Use: Give the can a good shake, hold it 12 to 15 inches from the flower, and spray in short, sweeping strokes. Allow your flowers to absorb the spray for a few moments and dry before arranging.

Common Uses: Just for Flowers is perfect for enhancing the color of your blooms, reviving faded flowers, or adding a touch of personality to your floral designs. Whether you're crafting a bridal bouquet or sprucing up your home decor, Just for Flowers can take it to the next level.

Design Master Premium Metals Spray Paints: Elegance, Elevated

For a dash of sophistication, turn to Design Master's Premium Metals spray paints. These metallic paints are fast-drying, smooth-applying, and add a brilliant sheen to both fresh and artificial flowers, decorative accessories, and even DIY crafts.

Featured Color: 24 Carat Gold The 24 Carat Gold is a luxurious shade that adds a rich, golden glow to your creations. It's perfect for making your designs stand out with an opulent brilliance.

How to Use: Shake well, hold the can 12 to 15 inches from the object, and spray in a sweeping motion. Wait for it to dry before handling. For a more dramatic metallic effect, apply several light coats.

Common Uses: Premium Metals paints are ideal for when you want to add a touch of luxury to your creations. Use them for centerpieces at a glamorous event, festive holiday decorations, or even DIY crafts that need a bit of sparkle.

A World of Color at Wholesale Prices

As a high-volume distributor, LO Florist Supplies offers the entire lineup of these fantastic Design Master spray paints at wholesale prices. So whether you're a seasoned florist, event planner, or a DIY enthusiast, you'll find the best deals and a wealth of creative possibilities with us.

In addition to our competitive pricing, we're committed to helping you make the most of our products. Explore our range of Design Master COLORTOOL, Just for Flowers, and Premium Metals spray paints, and let your creativity bloom.

May 19th 2023 LO Florist Supplies

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