Triple Edge Pastel Korean Wrapping Paper - Gender Reveal

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Infuse a touch of timeless elegance and modern aesthetics into your floral presentations with our Korean Floral Wrapping Paper. Perfectly crafted for the wholesale floral community, this trendy wrapping paper elevates every bouquet with its delicate and clean design.

  • Elegant Borders: Featuring a pastel border, a pearl white border, and a black border, this wrapping paper frames your bouquets beautifully, enhancing their visual appeal.
  • Sophisticated Center: The solid white center and backing provide a pristine backdrop for your floral arrangements, making each bloom stand out.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for diverse floral arrangements, this wrapping paper complements every bouquet with a touch of sophistication.
  • Optimal Size: Each sheet measures a generous 24"x24", ensuring comprehensive coverage for varied wrapping needs.
  • Strength Meets Style: Made from durable, waterproof plastic, this wrapping paper combines robustness with refined aesthetics.
  • Wholesale Advantage: Available in packs of 20 sheets, designed for those who value both quality and quantity.

When looking to offer a unique and upscale wrapping experience for bouquets and gifts, our Korean Floral Wrapping Paper is the top choice. Elevate your floral offerings and align with the preferences of today's discerning clientele. Order now to enhance your floral presentations with elegance and style.

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